Audio Creative

by August Hour

This is a sampling of our soundtrack, podcast production, and sound design work. All compositions and works Copyright John Evans, Published by Man With Burden Music. All rights reserved. Please contact us for licensing.

Thanks to Daniel Lanois and Keith Richards, John is a failed piano player — thanks to John Lennon and Paul Westerberg, he’s also a songwriter. As a composer, John has scored feature-length documentaries, podcasts, commercials and short films. His work has appeared in soundtracks for films such as The Vatican Tapes, The Missing Man, and The Next American Dream as well as commercial work for H&R Block, SiriusXM, AT&T and numerous podcasts.

The Independence, Missouri born multi-instrumentalist/songwriter has released multiple albums on Lakeshore Records, composed original music for film and TV, and built a repertoire of standout songs.

Natalie Gallagher of The Pitch writes, “When people talk about the merits of Americana, a sound that can sometimes feel mail-order anonymous, what they want is the rare thing that John has cultivated: music whose familiarity and honesty pull at your gut instead of just reassuring you.

He has written, performed and toured in several bands. He has produced and recorded projects for artists across all musical genres including singer/songwriters, rock and hip hop artists.